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 Salmon Recipes have emerged as a hot favorite among countless fish-food lovers across the globe. If you are looking to include some flavorsome dishes in your diet but dont want to gain weight, salmon recipes are definitely the best option! 

Salmon recipes are amazingly tasty and high in nutritional levels. Salmon recipes are rich in protein and contain the essential fats, or rather, the good fats. Surprisingly, a certain amount of salmon can fulfill your entire days Vitamin D requirement. 
In fact, salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are the real players behind the high nutritional-value present in this delectable food-item. 
Salmon can be cooked in a number of ways. A salmon recipe can be grilled or prepared in various methods. However, a salmon recipe tastes best if cooked with fresh salmon. Fresh salmon can be identified by their clear eyes and clean red or pink gills. Salmon recipes can be prepared with farmed salmon and canned salmon as well. 
Salmon recipes offer the most striking variety when compared to other fish. 
Some of the most popular salmon recipes are discussed in this article. Sockeye Red Salmon is one of the most popular choices from the Salmon family when it comes to preparing delicious and healthy salmon recipes. The chief ingredients of one particular dish are sockeye salmon fillets; some special pre-made sauces such as Yoshidas Gourmet Sauce, a zip lock bag (large), aluminum foil and a small wire grill. Marinate the fish, cook on the grill and then wrap in the aluminum foil when you serve. 
Salmon Dip is another popular salmon recipe. 
It is prepared with some sour cream, a little butter, 1 tablespoon parsley (chopped), 2 tablespoon pepper, 1 can salmon skinned and bones-removed, grated onions and some dried dill weed. Put all the ingredients together, leaving the fish, and mix with an electric mixer to make a smooth paste. Then, put in the salmon and dill. Next, cover up this salmon recipe and refrigerate until you serve. 
An interesting aspect of salmon recipes is that since the preparation of the dish involves an oily fish, most recipes include a variety of sauces, rub and marinades. 
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